Office of International Affairs (OIA)

The Office of International Affairs is the new name for the recently merged International Students and Scholars office and Office of International Programs. The OIA will work closely across divisions, departments and programs to ensure accurate and timely responses for information, assistance and support. Charged with coordinating internationalization strategies, supporting faculty research agendas, and implementing strategic growth plans for education abroad, the Office will serve exchange scholars, domestic and foreign national students. The Office of International Affairs supports academic exchange programs for students and faculty, coordinates and provides student opportunities for education abroad, manages agreements with overseas institutions, works with faculty to develop new international programs including faculty-led study abroad. As well, in collaboration with the Liberal Studies Department, OIA helps administer the nationally recognized Global Studies Certificate Program. The office supports the enrollment of international students (F-1) and exchange visitors (J-1) and is responsible for maintaining the university’s formal approval and privilege to recruit, admit, enroll, matriculate, graduate and employ international students and scholars. OIA also supports the development of programs and activities designed to promote international student success in academics, research, English language skills and the social and cultural adjustment to the North Carolina A&T campus. Services also includes guidance with international admissions, non-immigrant visa requirements, and orientation sessions for both international students and scholars. Furthermore, the Office provides global awareness activities through various cultural and educational activities throughout the year to create a campus-wide global perspective. To achieve its goals and promote a greater international presence on campus, the Office of International Affairs makes students aware of cultural differences while at the same time prepares them to successfully interact in the global workplace. The new infrastructure will support the increasing needs of institutional internationalization initiatives. The Office of International Affairs is located in room 213 of the Academic Classroom Building, Greensboro, NC 27411, (336) 334-7104, and reports to the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Undergraduate Programs.