Time to Degree Attainment

A baccalaureate degree at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University requires a minimum of 120 semester hours of course work. Students who satisfactorily complete an average of 15 – 16 hours per semester can complete the degree in four years (8 semesters). 

Factors that may increase the length of time for an individual student to complete a degree include: (1) taking less than the hours advised or averaging fewer than 15-16 credit hours per semester; (2) changing majors frequently; (3) withdrawing, failing, and repeating courses; (4) taking unnecessary or inappropriate courses; (5) adding a second major or a minor; and (6) withdrawing from school. As mandated by the North Carolina General Assembly, students enrolling in more than 140 semester hours for the first baccalaureate degree will be assessed a 50% tuition surcharge on the excess hours.