Standards of Academic Standing

Effective for fall 2014, to continue at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University in good academic standing, undergraduate students must earn a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.00.

Failure to earn a minimum cumulative GPA 2.00 will automatically place the student on academic probation during the subsequent semester.  (Note: The cumulative GPA earned at NC A&T SU is computed ONLY on the basis of coursework taken at NC A&T SU; i.e., grades earned on coursework transferred to NC A&T SU are not computed into the GPA at NC A&T SU, and therefore not used to determine academic standing.)

The University, on the recommendation of a student’s major academic department, reserves the right to deny enrollment to any student, even if the grade point average meets the minimum standards listed above, if it is apparent from the student’s academic record that the student is not making satisfactory academic progress toward meeting the required graduation requirements for their major.