Repetition of Courses

An undergraduate student may only repeat a course in which they earned a grade of “C-“ or lower if it is a prerequisite course requiring a minimum grade of “C”, or if a minimum grade of “C” is a requirement in the student’s declared major. Students will not receive additional credit hours for repeated courses in which they originally earned a passing grade. Students who do not receive a passing grade in a course may repeat that course. For courses repeated subsequent to the effective date of this policy, during a student’s academic career at the University a student may repeat any number of distinct courses totaling a maximum of sixteen (16) credit  hours.

No single undergraduate course may be repeated more than two (2) times to include withdrawals (Ws), for a maximum of three (3) attempts. No single graduate course may be repeated more than (1) one time, to include withdrawals (Ws), for a maximum of two (2) attempts. However, students  withdrawing from a course or courses with extenuating circumstances, the Ws will not count in the number of maximum attempts. Extenuating circumstances include serious medical and psychological difficulties and may include military deployment, unanticipated life events, or administrative reasons. All grades received will be recorded on the student’s permanent academic record. For repeats of courses subsequent to the effective date of this policy, any undergraduate student who has exhausted their three (3) attempts or any graduate student who has exhausted two (2) attempts, and has not passed a required course in their major field of study will be dismissed from that major. The University may accept transfer credit for undergraduate General Education Core requirement courses.

Undergraduate students can repeat the same course only once for grade forgiveness. On a third attempt, the two (2) most recent grades will be used in computing the GPA.

The student must submit a completed course repeat form to the Office of the Registrar indicating which courses should be considered for grade forgiveness under this policy.

The course repeat for must be submitted no later than the last day of the final examination period during the semester in which the course is being repeated.

Financial aid implications for repeated courses should be discussed with the Office of Financial Aid.