Information Technology Services

Information Technology Services (ITS) supports the use of technology to enhance the university’s mission of teaching and learning, research, engagement and public service. ITS manages the technology infrastructure used throughout the University. Services include educational technology support, instructional design, network and server management, academic and residential lab management, client and help desk support, administrative systems support, web development, and technology procurement. Our purpose is to employ technology to meet the strategic goals and vision of North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University.

The following areas report directly to the Office of the Vice Chancellor of Information Technology & Chief Information Officer:

Instructional Technology Services and Distance Education (ITSDE)

ITSDE supports the use of educational technologies to enhance the teaching, learning, and research experiences of the faculty, students, and staff at the University. The ITSDE office provides support and infrastructure services to assist faculty with the development and continued maintenance of fully online, hybrid, and traditional face-to-face courses. The overall goal of the office is to enhance faculty-student interactions, increase student engagement with course materials, foster communication and collaboration, and increase opportunities for students to develop their skills for the workforce and lifelong learning.

ITSDE works in close cooperation with the academic colleges to administer online courses, certificates, and degree programs to students seeking convenient and cost-efficient opportunities to complete their education. All online courses at the University are delivered through an online Learning Management System (LMS) that allows the University to deliver quality instruction in a web-based format that mirrors instruction offered in traditional face-to-face settings. Students and faculty interact via online group discussion sessions, interactive video classrooms, streamed videos, and web conferencing sessions.

ITSDE is a joint effort of Information Technology Services and Academic Affairs.

Enterprise IT Support Services

Enterprise IT Support Services manages and supports the academic and administrative desktop and laptop computing environment, and provides hardware maintenance desktop software license tracking. It also supports general use and residential labs on campus.

Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure Services provides the technology infrastructure upon which the university operates. The department provides both wired and wireless networks and operates over 400 switches and nearly 1,000 wireless access points. The department provides telephone service and supports over 2,800 VoIP phones. The department also supports network connectivity for off-campus sites.

Enterprise Application Services

Enterprise Applications supports Aggie Access Online and AggieConnect. The department also supports Banner and other administrative applications and provides project management, application and web development, process analysis and database management services.

IT Systems and Operations Services (ITSOS)

ITSOS manages over 400 servers and supports over 200 virtual desktops. It operates the university’s primary data center and manages enterprise virtualization and storage systems.

IT Security, Audit and Policy Services (ITSAP)

ITSAP promotes the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information through innovative technologies, governance, compliance, risk management, and customer security awareness by managing the campus security awareness program. ITSAP manages audits, compliance and security incidents.