Admission Criteria - Special Students

Special students are those who are not candidates for degree at the present time. This category includes (1) visiting students and (2) persons who have not enrolled for one academic year and are ineligible for admission as a transfer student.

The University welcomes into this admission status, enrollment of persons who are pursuing degrees elsewhere, who possess a baccalaureate degree, or who desire to earn prerequisites for graduate work. Such students may register upon the presentation of a signed statement from the appropriate official of his/her institution, or certifying agency, specifically listing and approving the courses to be taken. Such enrollment does not constitute regular admission to the University.

To apply for this category of admission, the applicant must submit the application for admissions, the $55 application fee and provide supporting documentation as appropriate. Transcripts from all colleges and universities attended are required if the applicant plans to enter degree-seeking status at a later date.

Visiting students must submit a transient course study form from the home institution that has been approved by the department chairperson, school or college dean and the University Registrar. All others must provide evidence of readiness to pursue the courses desired and a statement of objective and purpose related to the request for special student admission. Such persons may register for no more than 12 semester hours per academic term and may remain in this category until they have attempted a total of 24 semester hours.

Persons who are ineligible for admission as a transfer student must complete one semester of full-time study or its equivalent at the University to be eligible to petition the Office of Undergraduate Admissions to be admitted to the University as a regular degree seeking candidate on the basis of his/her academic accomplishments. All communications must be submitted to the Director of Undergraduate Admissions.