Academic Dismissal

Academic dismissal will occur when a student returns after serving the one semester suspension, or a successful appeal of the academic suspension, and fails to achieve a minimum 2.00 semester GPA while on academic probation after suspension. Students who have been academically dismissed cannot enroll at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University until they have served a minimum of one (1) academic year dismissal. However, the student may appeal to be considered for readmission to the University. Appeals must be submitted by the readmission deadline as published in the academic calendar. Appeals are to be addressed to the Committee on Admission and Academic Retention in care of the Office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

  • Students must seek acceptance into an academic department in order to be readmitted after dismissal. If the academic department and major are different from the prior major, the student must complete a change of major form. Either the student’s current or new academic department must support the student’s appeal and readmission. Students are advised to begin the readmission process with their department and school or college prior to the University’s posted readmission deadline.
  • In consultation with their academic advisor or academic advising unit, students on probation after academic dismissal must develop an academic plan of action for each semester they are on probation. The academic advisor or academic advising unit will retain a copy of the revised academic plan, and provide copies of the plan to the student, and the Office of Enrollment Management for information purposes and for monitoring compliance.