International Students and Scholars Office

The International Students and Scholars Office (ISSO) provides services and programs for international (foreign-born) students and scholars. The office staff provides assistance with pre-arrival preparation, arrival/adjustment assistance, the admission process, housing, insurance, and immigration matters. Orientation and advisement are provided to assist students with their adjustment to the University and community. In cooperation with various departments and organizations, the office provides activities that enhance cultural, social and personal development.

Programs and activities are  open to all international students and scholars with an interest in the goals and student learning outcomes of the ISSO as well as the University’s actions towards developing an internationalized campus. Domestic students, all faculty and staff are also invited to participate in the broad programs and experiences. Students and scholars are also encouraged to promote multicultural understanding by participating in a variety of activities in the Greensboro community.

Approximately one hundred fifty international students attend the University representing over 35 countries in the following regions: Africa, Asia, Caribbean/West Indies, Central America, Europe, India, the Middle East, North America, and South America.

All international (foreign-born) students are required to verify the immigration/residency status to the International Students and Scholars Office before registering at the University and notify the Office immediately of any change in their immigration status and address.

North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University is authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant students. All F-1 non-immigrants are required to obtain an I-20 [Certificate of Eligibility for Non-immigrant Student Status for Academic and Language Students] from this institution prior to enrollment. (I-20’s issued by another institution are not valid for attendance at A&T). The requirements for an I-20 include acceptance to the University, a TOEFL score of 550 or above; a financial guarantee (letter of support, bank statement and verification of salary from sponsor’s employer). Proof of valid immigration status is required if the applicant is currently residing in the United States. Individuals seeking J-1 status should contact the ISSO Director for current immigration regulations and University procedures. Possession of a social security card does not necessarily mean a student is eligible to work off-campus.

Immigrants must provide the International Students and Scholars Office with a copy of the Permanent Resident Card. U.S. Naturalized Citizens should submit the Naturalization Certificate and/or a copy of the U.S. Passport. All other applicants should provide the documents necessary to verify current immigration status. Information received helps the Office with statistical reports on the international student population, maintaining a cultural resource base and international student advising.

All non-immigrants (F-1/J-1) students and scholars are required to attend the International Student Orientation held during the registration period. The immigration law requires F-1 non-immigrants to complete their registration with the International Students and Scholars Office within 15 days after classes begin.

All non-immigrants are responsible for maintaining legal immigration status. Non-immigrant students in F-1 visa status are required by USCIS regulations to enroll full-time, except for the summer terms. Full-time enrollment is defined as enrollment every semester in a minimum of 12 credit hours. F-1 non-immigrants are not eligible to work off-campus without approval from the USCIS. F-2 and H-4 non-immigrants are not eligible to work.

The legal regulations governing non-immigrant students are complex. The Director of the International Students and Scholars Office is available to explain these regulations in detail and strongly urge non-immigrants to seek advice about their legal immigration status.

It is mandatory for F and J students to purchase and maintain the University’s comprehensive health and accident insurance coverage which includes repatriation and medical evacuation. This policy also has specific levels of coverage to ensure that it adequately meets requirements to provide for medical costs in the U.S. The ISSO automatically authorizes the Treasurer’s Office to bill for the cost of University insurance for non-immigrant students (new and continuing) at the beginning of each semester. Non-immigrant students and Exchange Visitors are also responsible to purchase and maintain similar coverage for each dependent present with them inside the U.S. Government sponsored students should discuss the insurance issue with and ISSO advisor. The advisor will make the final decision regarding the policy provided by the government and determine if it is acceptable. Exchange Visitors in professor, researcher, scholar, etc. categories must purchase and maintain coverage requirements for insurance set forth by the Department of State. Exchange Visitor dependent coverage is also required.

F and J visa holders are considered as non-residents and are assessed non-resident (out-of-state) tuition and fees.

The office is located in Murphy Hall, Room 208, at the corner of Nocho Street and S.G. Thomas Drive. The telephone number is (336) 334-7551; the fax number is (336) 256-2421. The ISSO is staffed with Director, Student Services Manager and an administrative secretary/receptionist. Admissions Application packets for international students are available in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions and on line at