Division of Information Technology

The Division of Information Technology (DoIT) is a service unit of the University that provisions, coordinates and manages the information technology infrastructure for the University. These services include computer acquisition, help desk support, management of  academic and residential labs, administrative information systems, networking, telecommunications, web development, support, IT procurement and instructional technology. Our goal as a division is to remain consistent with and in support of the strategic goals and vision of North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University.

The following areas report directly to the office of the Vice Chancellor & CIO for DoIT:

Teaching and Learning with Technology

This department is responsible for matters pertaining to IT budgets, purchasing, eLearning, and special projects. The following units report to this office: Budgeting, Project Management, Training & Development, and Instructional Design Development and Support.

Application Services

The responsibility of this department is to provide the leadership, strategic planning and oversight for the administrative applications, Banner (ERP) systems, ancillary applications and database administration for the university. The following units report to this office: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Database Management and Web Services.

Network and Communications

This department is dedicated to positioning the University to fully utilize existing as well as emerging communications technologies. Technologies included are high-speed fiber-optic based networking, IP telephony, desktop video, data/voice convergence applications, IP network services and wireless networking. Also key to the department’s mission is providing a secure network for both local and remote access. The department is also responsible for providing accurate Telephone billing and cellular services.

IT Security, Audit and Policies

IT Security, Audit & Policy (ITSAP) has oversight over information security controls that promote the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the University’s information security resources. ITSAP’s duties are as follows: conducting and coordinating assessments, audits, and electronic discovery requests that identify, evaluate, and mitigate information security risks in order to assist the University with adhering to its compliance obligations; developing and implementing information security policies, standards, and procedures; promoting end-user information security awareness; and participating with identifying, planning, developing, and implementing information security strategic initiatives.

Support Services

This area provides the day-to-day management and support of the academic, administrative and auxiliary campus computing systems. It is also responsible for matters pertaining to procurement. The following units report to this office: Aggie Technical Support (ATS), Student Technology Services (STS) and Procurement & Asset Management.

Systems and Data Center Operations

This department is responsible for provisioning, coordinating and managing the data center infrastructure. It provides resources for the University in analyzing and testing advanced systems and future operational needs (solutions) to determine if they are stable, secure and deliverable on the promised functionality. It also participates in the design and planning of IT architecture including hardware, software and enterprise applications.

Work includes technology evaluation, testing and development of guidelines for implementation; investigation of software and hardware emerging technologies and management solutions for optimizing operations, reliability, scalability and security. The following areas report to this office: Data Center Operations, Unix Server Development and Windows Server Development.

Instructional Technology Services and Distance Education (ITSDE)

ITSDE supports the use of educational technologies to enhance the teaching, learning, and research experiences of the faculty, students, and staff at the University. The department provides support and infrastructure services to assist faculty with the development and continued maintenance of fully online, hybrid, and traditional face-to-face courses.

ITSDE supports innovative technologies that enhance faculty-student interactions, increase student engagement with course materials, foster communication and collaboration, and increase opportunities for students to develop their skills for the workforce and lifelong learning.

The following units report to this office: Learning Management Systems, Instructional Design Services, Classroom Technology Services, Technology Training, Multimedia Support, and Program and Student Support for Distance Education.

ITSDE is a joint effort of the Division of Information Technology and Academic Affairs.

Project Management Office (PMO)

This office provides the framework and governance processes for the selection, approval and execution of IT projects that strategically align with University strategic objectives. The PMO provides guidance and support for project management processes and methodologies to achieve expected business benefits while minimizing risk in a manner that is efficient, consistent and standardized. The PMO consists of a PMO Director, and Project Managers who also manage approved DoIT projects and project teams.