Final course grades are available at the end of each semester on AGGIE ACCESS On-line. Students can view and print copies of their final grades on Aggie Access On-line.

Grade Point Average

The grade point average is obtained by dividing the total number of quality points earned by the total number of semester hours included for quality points.

Change of Grade

A change of grade is a change to an officially recorded grade. A request for a change of grade, except to correct clerical errors or to resolve an incomplete grade, must be made within one year following the date the original grade was assigned by the faculty member. The instructor who assigned the grade must initiate the change of grade process by submitting a Change of Grade form. The forms are available in the academic department. The change of grade must be approved by the academic department chairperson and the dean of the college/school.

Grade Appeal

A student may appeal the final grade earned in a course. Initially, the student should attempt to resolve the matter informally through the instructor of the course, the department chair and/or dean of the academic unit in which the grade was assigned. If the matter is not resolved through this level of interaction, then the student should consult the individual school/college on its written grade appeal policy. A student wishing to pursue a written appeal of a grade must demonstrate a legitimate basis for the appeal. Grade appeals are final at the level of the school/college.

Quality Points

Quality points are computed by multiplying the number of semester hour credits by 4 for courses in which a grade of A is earned; by 3 for a grade of B; by 2 for a grade of C; or by 1 for a grade of D. Zero (0) quality points are given for a grade of F or U.