General Education Requirements of the University

New freshman students entering the university beginning in fall, 2012 are required to complete a minimum of 33 credit hours of approved general education courses in six general education categories, as listed below. Approved courses for each general education category are provided in the Comprehensive General Education Course List.

General Education Category    /    Minimum Credit Hours

Written Communication    /    6
Mathematical, Logical, and Analytical Reasoning*    /    6
Scientific Reasoning**    /    7
Social/Behavioral Sciences***    /    6
Humanities/Fine Arts    /    6
Student Success    /    2


* Students must complete at least one course with a MATH prefix at the 100 level or higher.
** Students must complete at least one lab-based science course.
*** Of the 12 total credit hours required in the Social/Behavioral Sciences and Humanities/Fine Arts categories, at least 3 credit hours must be earned in courses with a Knowledge of African American Culture and History designation and at least 3 credit hours must be earned in courses with a Global Awareness designation.


Enrollment in appropriate freshmen-level mathematics and English courses is important for long-term academic success. All freshmen students must demonstrate proficiency in these subject areas prior to registering for mathematics and English. Course placement will be determined through campus-based placement tests or SAT/ACT scores. Based on these assessments, students may be required to enroll in Math 099, ENGL 099 or similar courses. Although enrollment in these courses may assist a student’s performance in future mathematics and/or English courses, ENGL 099 and MATH 099 do not fulfill general education requirements.