Access to Student Records

  1. The policy for the administration of student academic records is in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 as amended.
  2. Students have the right to inspect and review any and all official records, files, and data directly related to them.
  3. A student who believes that his or her record contains inaccurate or misleading information shall have an opportunity for a hearing to challenge the content of the record, to assure that the record is not inaccurate, misleading, or otherwise in violation of his or her privacy or rights, and to provide an opportunity for the correction or deletion of any such inaccurate, misleading, or otherwise inappropriate data contained therein or include the student’s own statement of explanation.
  4. The University will comply with requests for records within a reasonable period of time and not later than (30) days after the request is received.
  5. The release of academic records requires the written permission of the student, except as provided by Public Law 93-380. Transcripts are not issued to a student who has not met his or her financial obligations to the University.
  6. Copies of the “University’s Statement” concerning access to student records are available in the Office of the Registrar as well as the office of each school dean and department chairperson.