BS in Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry develops chemists who are able to think creatively and critically. The small faculty to graduate student ratio guarantees that students will have unmatched access to their advisors. The graduate program in chemistry provides experimental and theoretical training for students pursuing a degree in Chemistry.  The Science Building provides the student access to major scientific instruments, which are ideal for engaging in cutting-edge research. This program is designed for students who desire additional academic experiences preparing them for industrial, academic, or government careers.  Many of our graduates go on to pursue advanced degree programs at prestigious graduate, dental, and medical schools across the country.


R&D Chemist
Organic Chemist II    
Chemist Mortars    
Analytical Chemistry Scientist    
Quality Control Chemist            
Senior ScientistProject Engineering

Earning Potential

Chemists in the United States take home an average $54,000 to 64,000 annually.  This amount increases to $73,000 - $85,000 with a Master’s Degree according to the industry and geographical location. 
Salary Range:  $41,000 to $120,000


Dr. Sayo Fakayode, (
Room 332, New Science Building
Tel: 336-285-2245