Dr. Ronald Pedroni

Associate Professor of Physics
Office:  Marteena Hall Room 337
NCAT Phone:  336 285-2115
TUNL Phone:  919 660-2617
NCAT Email:  rpedroni@ncat.edu
TUNL Email:  pedroni@tunl.duke.edu

Research Activities:
I have worked extensively on n-d elastic scatting measurements, analyzing power measurements, and both kinematically complete and incomplete n-d breakup measurements at the Triangle Universities Nuclear Laboratory (TUNL) located on the campus of Duke University in Durham, NC.  I have worked on the National Nuclear Security Association project at TUNL to measure (n,2n) reactions for a number of targets using γ-ray detection methods.  I am presently working on the National Science Foundation/ Department of Homeland Security project at the High Intensity Gamma Ray Source facility (HIγS) at TUNL to make nuclear data measurements on actinides.

       I am a member of the PrimEx collaboration that has carried out two measurements in Hall B at the Jefferson Laboratory (JLab) located in Newport News, VA.  The PrimEx measurements were made to determine the lifetime of the π0 in 2004.  A new round of measurements was made in 2010 (PrimEx-II) to obtain an unprecedented 1.4% accuracy.  My future plans at JLab include working on the PrimEx-12 project scheduled to make measurements of the η decay width after the upgrade in beam energy at JLab from 6 to 12 GeV.  I am also member of the PRad collaboration that is planning new precise measurements of the proton charge radius in order to help resolve the recent “crisis” that arose from recent measurements of the proton charge radius using muonic hydrogen that differ from all previous methods and are significantly more precise.

Professional Preparation:

Undergraduate Institution:  Jacksonville University, Physics/Mathematics, Bachelor of Arts, 1978

Graduate Institution:  Duke University, Experimental Nuclear Physics, Doctor of Philosophy, 1986
      Dissertation Title:  “Cross Sections and Analyzing Powers in the 8- to 17-MeV Range for Neutron Scattering from 54,56Fe, 58,60Ni, 93Nb and 120Sn”
      Postdoctoral Institutions:  Ohio University, Experimental Nuclear Physics, 1986-1991
                                            University of Iowa*, Experimental Nuclear Physics, 1992-1993
        *Required residence at the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory in East Lansing, MI.       




Recent Publications and Presentations:

New Measurement of the π0 Radiative Decay Width, I. Larin and the PrimEx Collaboration, Physical Review Letters 106, 162303 (2011).

Nuclear Data Measurements on Actinides Using The High Intensity Gamma-Ray Source,
R.S. Pedroni, A. Adekola, C.W. Arnold, S.L. Hammond, A. Harrell, C.R. Howell, H.J. Karwowski, 
J. Kelley, E. Kwan, R. Raut, G. Rich, G. Rusev, D. Ticehurst, A.P. Tonchev and W. Tornow,
collaboration talk presented at the 4th Annual Academic Research Initiative Grantees Conference from April 26-28, 2011 in Alexandria, VA.

Discrete deexcitations in 235U below 3 MeV from nuclear resonance fluorescence, E. Kwan, G. Rusev, A.S. Adekola, F. Dönau, S.L. Hammond, C.R. Howell, H.J. Karwowski, J.H. Kelley, R.S. Pedroni, R. Raut, A.P. Tonchev and W. Tornow, Physical Review C 83, 041601 (2011).

Neutron-deuteron analyzing power data at 19.0 MeV, G.J. Weisel, W. Tornow, B.J. Crowe, III, A.S. Crowell, J.H. Esterline, C.R. Howell, J.H. Kelley, R.A. Macri, R.S. Pedroni, R.L. Walter and H. Witała, Physical Review C 81, 024003 (2010) .

Nuclear targets for a precision measurement of the neutral pion radiative width, P. Martel and the PrimEx Collaboration, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A612 (2009) 46.

Cross sections for 238U(n,n'γ) and 238U(n,2nγ) reactions at incident neutron energies between 5 and 14  MeV, A. Hutcheson, C. Angell, J.A. Becker, A.S. Crowell, D. Dashdorj, B. Fallin, N. Fotiades, C.R. Howell, H.J. Karwowski, T. Kawano, J.H. Kelley, E. Kwan, R.A. Macri, R.O. Nelson, R.S. Pedroni, A.P. Tonchev and W. Tornow, Physical Review C 80, 014603 (2009).

Measurement of the 241Am(n,2n) reaction cross section from 7.6 MeV to 14.5 MeV, A.P. Tonchev, C.T. Angell, M. Boswell, A.S. Crowell, B. Fallin, S. Hammond, C.R. Howell, A. Hutcheson, H.J. Karwowski, J.H. Kelley, R.S. Pedroni, W. Tornow, J.A. Becker, D. Dashdorj, J. Kenneally, R.A. Macri, M.A. Stoyer, C.Y. Wu, E. Bond, M.B. Chadwick, J. Fitzpatrick, T. Kawano, R.S. Rundberg, A. Slemmons, D.J. Vieira, and J.B. Wilhelmy, Physical Review C 77, 054610 (2008).