Dr. Kenneth Flurchick

Dr. K. M. Flurchick received his Ph.D in Physics in 1987 from Colorado State University, Ft. Collins, CO.
Dr. K. M. Flurchick  has been involved with high performance computing since 1981, working on various
and numerous high performance computers and visualization systems.
Dr. K. M. Flurchick has worked in industry and is currently at the North Carolina A&T State University.
Here is a recent CV.

 (a link http://coffee.ncat.edu:8080/Flurchick/Research/KMFcv.txt)

His research activities include: variable star systems, the physics of molecules and molecular solids
and the application of scientific visualization to representing and understanding scientific data.

His research requires many different modes of analysis and makes use of computer algebra systems,
scripting, high  performance computers and scientific visualization. For  the work done in atomic and
molecular systems, typically solving the N-body Schrodinger equations;  a set of  visualization modules
 to read and display data from a number of commonly used electronic structure and molecular
dynamics codes, using capabilities in AVS-Express, has been developed.  This application is called

In addition, Dr. K. has written many other applications for various other disciplines while at state run
supercomputer centers. performance computers and scientific visualization.