Meteorology Club students with Grant Gilmore

NC A&T Meteorology Club

Pictured above: Students pose for a picture with meteorologist Grant Gilmore. Left to Right (Chia Hung, Gracia Mbaya, Julian Gordon, Mycah Edwards, Ari Brown, Zainab Ali, Percy Williams, Chanelle Stigger, Mycah Edwards)

The Meteorology Club student organization at North Carolina A&T provides assistance, guidance, and fellowship for our students. The target members include Undergraduate and Graduate students earning a degree in Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Agriculture, Environmental Science, Atmospheric Science and Meteorology, although any A&T student can join. This organization will supply students with workshops, training, scholarship opportunities, and a close knit group of successful students and faculty. We exist because members love to share extensive knowledge and build peer-to-peer and student-teacher relationships. NC A&T supports the academic positivity and fellowship because our students have an organization that promotes success and a feeling of a family that cares about the transition from high school to a career field in Atmospheric Science and Meteorology. Some activities include visits to companies and museums such as WFMY News Station in Greensboro, community service such as our clothes and cans drive, cross-campus photo-of-the-week challenge, and many more exciting activities.


Julian Gordon 
Senior, President
NCAT Meteorology Club

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News and Events

Chih Hung and Julian Gordon clowning around in front of a green screen  Julian Gordon and Chia Hung clowning around in front of a green screen.

Chanelle Stigger broadcastingMs. Chanelle Stigger trying her hand at broadcasting.

Zainab Ali broadcastingMs Zainab Ali tries her hand at broadcasting.

Meteorology club at News 2

Meteorology Club Students at WFMY News 2 Station in Greensboro, NC. Left to Right: (Chanelle Stigger, Chia Hung, Mycah Brown, Ari Brown, Zainab Ali, Jennifer Plakyda, Julian Gordon)

Urban Ministry collection boxfood collected for Urban Ministry
The Meteorology Club's Clothes and Cans Drive for the whole campus was collected in Spring 2016 and was a great success! This is one of a few pallets donated.