Mathematical Research

Several faculty members engage in mathematical research. Faculty research interests and publications may be found on the faculty page.

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Communications in Partial Differential Equations
SIAM Journal on Computing
SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization
SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis


As a state-supported land-grant HBCU, the department performs outreach activities with the local K-12 public schools, especially in mentoring in-service math teachers. Several faculty participate in summer programs for local (Greensboro area) middle and high school students and in a bridge program for underprepared newly admitted freshmen administered through the Office of Special Programs in the School of Education.

Summer Programs/Undergraduate Research

  • HBCU-UP/Talent 21. One funding agent for undergraduate research is HBCU-UP/Talent 21. Students in this program have participated in the HBCU-UP research conference, the National Conference for Undergraduate Research (NCUR), and the Undergraduate Research Symposium in Puerto Rico. Several former participants hold terminal degrees in their field.
  • ACES Program. The department is host of the Academy for Computational Explorations in Science (ACES) program organized by the Black Child Development Institute of Greensboro and sponsored by the Burroughs Wellcome Fund.
  • BLEND Program. Several department members are co-PIs in the BLEND project, "Biomathematical Learning Enhancement Network."
  • NSA Summer Information Assurance Program. For two summers, the department served as home of an interdisciplinary REU in the field of information assurance.

Summer Programs/Undergraduate Research


Funded through NSF as NSF S-STEM and MAA as MAA-Tensor, the Department of Mathematics regularly receives scholarship money in order to increase diversity in the mathematical sciences. The primary person responsible for these programs is Dr. Kurepa.