Mekonnen's research highlights

Group memebers

  1. Ademe Mekonnen (lead), EES faculty member
  2. Nitza Santiago-Figueroa (PhD candidate), research title: " Variability of African easterly waves and their interaction with Atlantic Tropical Cyclone activity"
  3. Dicky L. Armstrong (PhD in progress), research title: “Convectively coupled Kelvin waves: impact and structure over Africa and the Indian Ocean.”
  4. Lakemariam Yohannes (PhD in progress), research title: "The role of Kelvin wave activity and its interaction with convection and larger scale waves over the Maritime Continent".

Former group members

Hilawe Semunegus (PhD Fall 2016), research title: "Characterization of different types of Convection and their interaction with African Easterly waves" (Hilawe works for the NCEI in Asheville, NC)

Research Activity

Current funded research:

1)    2016-2019: “Multiscale interaction between MJO, equatorial waves and the diurnal cycle over the Maritime continent”, NASA, $383,422, 3/1/16-2/31/19 (with C. Schreck and A. Aiyyer, NCSU).

2)    2015-2018: “Multiscale interaction between Deep Convection, Easterly Waves, and Kelvin Waves over the Atlantic, Africa and the Indian Ocean”, NSF, $441,297, 3/15/2015-3/14/2018. PI

3)    2016-2019: “GeoPath-EXTRA: Improving and enhancing the pathways to atmospheric sciences at NCA&T”, NSF, $477,594. (with Bililign, Schimmel, Lin, etc.). Co-PI.


4)    “REU-Site: Collaborative Earth system Science Research,” NSF,  $361,739, 04/01/2013-03/31/2016 (with Bililign et al.) Co-PI.

5)    “EES-History Collaboration to enhance Student Learning through the use of GIS”, NCAT College of Arts and Sciences Innovative Ventures proposal. $25,000, 11/1/2014-5/1/2015 (with Schimmel, Smallwood, Waugh). PI

6)    “Investigation of the relationship between Convection and African Easterly Waves using NASA satellite and Reanalysis Datasets,” NC Space Grant Consortium, $22,500 ($7,500 of this is University cost share), 07/01/2013-09/30/2014. PI

7)    “Effective Global Climate Change Education and Research for Minorities,” NASA, $679,281, 9/1/2011-2/28/14 (with Schimmel et al.) Co-I.

8)   Start up fund from the College of Arts and SCiences, NCAT, $30,000, 8/17/2011-8/2012.


9)    2016-2021: “NOAA-Atmospheric Science and Meteorology Education and Research Center”, NOAA, $15.5 million, Co-PI and Thrust area 1 lead (with Bililign, Schimmel, Lin, et al.)

10)  2016-2019: “Presidential and Congressional Academies for American History and Civics”, DOED, $1,685,135. Co-PI (with Smallwood, et al.)

11) 2017-2020: “Indian Woods at the Crossroads of Three Cultures”, National Endowment for Humanities. $974,500, Co-PI (with Smallwood et al.)

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