NCAT Announces New BS Degree Program in Information Technology

 After several years of studying other programs at peer institutions, hosting lengthy discussion with faculty and administrators, and attending meetings with industry partners, the Department of Computer Systems Technology at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University made a formal request to establish a Bachelor of Science degree program in Information Technology.  The request was granted by the UNC Board of Governors this past June and the program will begin admitting students in the Fall 2015 semester.  This program leverages the strengths of the faculty in the program and the high demand for students with specific skills in Enterprise System Support/mainframe support.

The department decided to focus on the niche area of mainframe education because of its acquisition of a z9 Enterprise system, donated to the University by IBM, and because of the high demand for talent in this area.  The department led the effort to secure the system for the campus and now North Carolina A&T State University is one of four campuses in the nation with such a system.  Many Enterprise System support personnel are reaching retirement age resulting in significant employment opportunities for students with degrees in Information Technology and specific training in this area.  As a result, IBM and many of its business partners have established partnerships with the department to hire graduates of the program.  

The introduction of this new program has strengthened the department’s partnerships with corporations including: IBM, John Deere, First Citizens, USAA, BB&T, ClearBlade, Bank of America, Fidelity Investments, Verizon, RedHat, Cisco, Blue Cross/Blue Shield,  SAS, IT-ology, Vicom Infinity, and Chevron, to name a few.  Additionally, the State of NC Office of Information Technology, with approximately 1800 IT professionals serving the state has signed a memorandum of understanding with the university to hire student internships and to complete various collaborative projects around educating its IT workforce.

In summary, the New Bachelor of Science degree program in Information Technology will position the university to take full advantage of  the tremendous job opportunities available to our students; will leverage the significant corporate and government support for the program; will position the university to become a top 10 program with a focus on mainframe education;  will enable the university to establish a feeder program for its nationally ranked online Master of Science degree program in Information Technology;  will offer an online program to meet the needs of  community colleges, the military, and other students interested in enrolling in a distance education program in Information Technology.


Contact Information:

Department: Computer Systems Technology
Department Chair: Dr. Clay Gloster
Phone Number: 336-336-7717