Electronics Technology

Students studying Electronics Technology (ET) will learn and select from a broad range of skills to become a well rounded technology specialist.

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The program will enhance a broad range of proficiencies in the following areas:

  • Planning, organizing and managing technology, people, and resources;
  • Applying and controlling the use of various high-level technologies, e.g., information based business management systems, such as, enterprise resource planning systems, supply chain management systems, manufacturing execution systems, etc.;
  • Mastering the technical skills such as industrial materials and processing, computer aided drafting, design and manufacturing; computer-integrated manufacturing; machine vision, power technology; automation technologies such as robotics, PLC, CNC machines; graphic communications systems and telecommunications;
  • Controlling processes to improve quality, reliability, and productivity.
  • Managing human resource and developing a changing workplace to achieve organizational goals.
  • Problem solving and creative thinking skills.
  • Technology innovation and implementation


  • Storage Technology
  • Wireless Systems
  • Mainframe Computing
  • High Performance Computing
  • Computer Engineering Technology
  • Information Management
  • Enterprise Computing
  • Security
  • Networking

Contact Information:
Department: Computer Systems Technology
Department Chair: Dr. Clay Gloster
Email: cgloster@ncat.edu
Phone Number: 336-334-7717