Matthew A. Mickens


Ph.D. – Energy & Environmental Systems (candidate)North Carolina A&T State UniversityB.S. – Earth and Environmental ScienceM.S. – Plant, Soil, and Environmental Science 

Research Description:

Matthew studies the synthesis of photoluminescent minerals that exhibit tunable emission properties under ultraviolet radiation.  By employing wet chemical sol-gel techniques, he modifies their photoluminescence by the doping of lanthanide and transition metal ions into their compositions. He seeks to explore and understand various energy transfer phenomena between the host minerals and doped ions, as well as among the dopants themselves.  His latest achievement was the conversion of a tungstate-based mineral into a white light-emitting phosphor with promising solid-state lighting applications, which are expected to replace mercury-containing fluorescent lamps in the near future. His research is sponsored by the NASA Harriett G. Jenkins Predoctoral Fellowship