Group Members

Assefa's Research Group consist of Two PhD and two MS graduate students and an undergarduate student working in several areas of interest, including coordination polymers, luminescent sensor materials, energy transfer, and white light emitting materials. Gold phosphine compounds are also being studied for possible medicinal application as brain cancer chemotheraputic agents in collaboration with Professor Patrick Martin of the Biology Department.

Present Group Members

1) Kendra Whitehead (PhD)
2) Carlos Crawford     (PhD)
3) Jigar Parajapati     (MS)
4) Jennifer Stanley     (MS)

Past Group Members

1) Derick Forcha       (MS, May, '13)
2) Carlos Crawford    (MS, May, '13)
3) Shaka Gore          (MS, Dec. '12)
4) Darkus Jenkins     (PhD, Dec.'12, MS Dec. '07)
5) Matthew Mickens   (PhD, May '12)
6) Nuquie Beedoe     (MS, May '11)
7) Ndifreke Amama   (MS, May '11)
8) Kendra Whitehead (MS, Dec. '11)