Darkus Jenkins

Darkus Elizabeth Jenkins,

PhD- PhD Energy and Environment Systems, Dec. 2012

Savannah State University, December 2004 B.S. Chemistry

NC A&T SU, December 2007 M.S. Chemistry

Darkus' research involved the synthesis and characterization of various group 11 metal, (copper, silver, or gold) phosphine complexes. The phosphines currently being used have various chemical properties in their donor-acceptor behaviors. Some are new and bidentate having phosphorus and nitrogen binding sites. We want to exploit the bidentate ligands to accommodate two metal ions in close proximity with each other. By doing this we hope to enhance the photoluminescence profiles of the newly designed complexes. We continue our work by studying these fascinating photoluminescent behaviors with anticipation that these complexes may be used as chemical sensors in applications such as sensing devices. We are also interested in the interactions of the metal complexes with Volatile Organic Compounds such acetonitrile.