Biology Research Faculty

Dr. Mary Smith, Professor and Chairperson
Bioinformatics Analysis of Nuclear Hormone Receptors; Genomics Educational Research and Gene Annotation
Office: 102 Barnes Hall; E-mail:; Telephone: 336-285-2160

Dr. Goldie Byrd, Nathan F. Simms Endowed Professor
Director, Center for Outreach in Alzheimer's Aging and Community Health
Genetic Susceptibility of Alzheimer's Disease in African Americans
Office: 2105 Yanceyville Street, Center for Outreach in Alzheimer's Aging and Community Health; E-mail:; Telephone: 336-285-2165

Dr. Roy Coomans, Associate Professor and Associate Chairperson
Taxonomy and Distribution of Freshwater Red Algae, Demographics of Rare Plant Populations
Office: 223 Barnes Hall; E-mail:; Telephone: 336-285-2166

Dr. Kelsie Bernot, Assistant Professor
Civic Engagement through Service Learning and Discipline-Based Education Research
Office: 209 Barnes Hall; E-mail:; Telephone: 336-285-2169

Dr. Gregory Goins, Associate Professor
Ecophysicology and Photosynthetic Electron Transport; Science Education
Office: 8 Barnes Hall; E-mail:; Telephone: 336-285-2191

Dr. Andrew Goliszek, Associate Professor
Stress Physiology
Office: 21 Barnes Hall; E-mail:; Telephone: 336-285-2184

Dr. Jessica Han, Associate Professor
Complex Disease and Nutrition
Office: 206 Barnes Hall; E-mail:; Telephone: 336-285-4456

Dr. Scott H. Harrison, Assistant Professor
Computational Biology and Microbiology
Office: 13 Barnes Hall; E-mail:; Telephone: 336-285-2179

Dr. Liesl Jeffers-Francis, Assistant Professor
Virology and Immunology
Office: 306B Hines Hall; E-mail:; Telephone: 336-285-2506

Dr. Vinaya Kelkar, Assistant Professor
Statistical Design, Modeling, and Analysis of Experimental and Observational Data; Statistical Analysis of Gene Expression in Microarray Technology; Educational Research Methods
Office: 213 Barnes Hall; E-mail:; Telephone: 336-285-2183

Dr. Patrick Martin, Associate Professor
Molecular Biology of Brain Tumors, Breast Cancers and Natural Products Research
Office: 300B Hines Hall; E-mail:; Telephone: 336-285-2168

Dr. Perpetua Muganda, Professor
Molecular Carcinogenesis, Apoptosis and Cell Signaling
Office: 317 Hines Hall; E-mail:; Telephone: 336-285-2190

Dr. Robert Newman, Assistant Professor
Toxicology, Phosphorylation-dependent Signaling, Fluorescent Biosensor Development, and Live Cell Imaging
Office: 105 Barnes Hall; E-mail:; Telephone: 336-285-2189

Dr. Elimelda Ongeri, Associate Professor
The Role of Meprins in Acute and Chronic Kidney Failure
Office: 215 Barnes Hall; E-mail:; Telephone: 336-285-2182

Dr. Cailisha L. Petty, Teacher Education Coordinator
African American Student Engagement in Science Education
Office: 26 Barnes Hall; E-mail:; Telephone: 336-285-2174

Dr. Checo Rorie, Associate Professor
Cancer Biology, Molecular Biology
Office: 300A Barnes Hall; E-mail:; Telephone: 336-285-2188

Dr. Simone Smith, Assistant Professor
Enhancing wound healing and tissue regeneration in connective tissue (skin and tendon)
Office: 19 Barnes Hall; E-mail:; Telephone: 336-285-2207

Dr. Misty Thomas, Lecturer
Structural and functional analysis of microbial proteins involved in bacterial virulence, resistance and transcriptional regulation
Office: 11 Barnes Hall; E-mail:; Telephone: 336-285-2178

Dr. Catherine White, Associate Professor
Molecular Microbiology, Genomics of Haemophilus ducreyii
Office: 24 Barnes Hall; E-mail:; Telephone: 336-285-2192