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Pre-Law Mentorship Program

The PPSP Law Mentorship Program is designed to help students foster important professional skills and gain valuable exposure to the field of Law. The components of the Law Mentorship Program offers mentorship opportunities including shadowing experiences, direct access to practicing attorneys/judges and possible visits to the Greensboro courthouse. This experience will give students insight into legal careers, provide networking opportunities, and a glimpse into the law profession. For more information or details on how to apply contact the PPSP Office (ncatppsp@gmail.com ).

Cultivating Skills for Law School Success Workshop Series

Deadline: September 10, 2013

The Pre-Professional Scholars Program & The Liberal Studies: Pre-Law Program has teamed up to bring you a detrimental Pre-Law workshop series from the esteemed Professor Christine Coughlin. Professor Coughlin is a recipient of the 2011 Wake Forest University Teaching and Learning Center's Teaching Innovation Award, the 2008 Joseph Branch Award for Excellence in Teaching, and a two-time recipient of the Graham Award for Excellence in Teaching Legal Research and Writing. She is a co-author of the textbook, A Lawyer Writes, and her most recent series of articles advocate examining other models of professional education. To register for this series of workshops visit http://goo.gl/1KvmBn .