Ibrahim Research Group

EES faculty and staff

Ademe Mekonnen
Assistant Professor
B.S. Addis Ababa University; M.S. University of Reading; Ph.D. University at Albany
Research: Tropical waves and convection, mesoscale, synoptic to large scale weather systems, climate variability.
(336) 285-2222
310 Gibbs Hall

Keith A. Schimmel
Associate Professor & Chair
B.S. Purdue University; M.S. & Ph.D. Northwestern University
Research: STEM education and sustainable bioproducts.
(336) 285-2329
301 Gibbs Hall

Joint Appointments

Luba Kurkalova
Professor (Home Department: Economics & Finance)
B.S. Tajik State University, USSR; M.S. Kazakh State University, USSR; Ph.D. Iowa State University
Research: Environmental and natural resource economics, applied econometrics, conservation policies in agriculture.
(336) 334-7744, ext. 2411
105 Merrick Hall

Yuh-Lang Lin
Professor (Home Department: Physics)
B.S. Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan; M.A. Fordham University; M.S. South Dakota School of Mines and Technology; Ph.D. Yale University
Research: Atmospheric Dynamics and Modeling: moist convection, gravity and mountain waves, orographic rain and other orographic effects, tropical cyclone genesis and movement, mesoscale cyclogenesis, storm dynamics, forest fire dynamics, wake vortex dynamics, dynamics of Martian atmosphere.
302H Gibbs Hall

Yevgeniy Rastigeyev
Assistant Professor (Home Department: Mathematics)
M.S. Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (Phystech), Russia; M.S. & Ph.D. University of Notre Dame
Research: Computational and Theoretical Fluid Mechanics, Global Atmospheric Chemical Transport, Numerical Simulation of Reactive Flows, Combustion Theory, Advanced Computational Methods.
(336) 285-2223
308 Gibbs Hall

Jing Zhang
Associate Professor (Home Department: Physics)
B.S. & M.S. Nanjing University; Ph.D. Peking University
Research:  Regional Weather and Climate Modeling, Data Assimilation, Land/Snow/Sea-Ice Surface Processes, Extreme Events
(336) 285-2337
302G Gibbs Hall