Applied Engineering Technology Department
Welcome to the website of the Applied Engineering Technology Department.  All the faculty and staff  look forward to working with you in obtaining a high quality education in one of our fields - Bachelor of Science Degree in Applied Engineering Technology and Bachelor of Science Degree in Motorsports Technology.

"Applied Engineering Technology is the profession in which knowledge of the applied mathematical and natural sciences gained by higher education, practical experience, and competence developed in a specific field is devoted to application of engineering principles and the implementation of technological advances for the benefit of humanity through its focus on product improvement, manufacturing, and automation of technological processes and operational functions.” - Engineering Technology Council of the American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE).

Applied Engineering majors focus on technical issues in the manufacturing and service areas.  Some future jobs of our graduates will be in quality, operations, supply chain management, automation, material handling and entrepreneurship.  Sound engineering technology principles will provide the foundation of the necessary skills obtained in this program

Motorsports majors will focus on careers in the vehicle universe.  These will include specialists in automotive components, dynamometer operator and engine assemblers.  show car coordinators and race operations managers will also benefit from our program.

The goal of our programs is to graduate well prepared individuals for both the manufacturing and service industries.  Our faculty have have experience in industry and academia.  Their knowledge and support will strengthen your communication skills (oral and written), critical thinking skills, technical knowledge and professionalism.  In addition, our programs will place you in team activities in various project based creative engagements.

 In addition to the general education requirements, students in these degree programs take common courses in areas such as computer-aided drafting, parametric modeling, materials and material processing, computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines, programmable logical control (PLC) technology, automation and controls, robotics, computer integrated manufacturing (CIM), industrial management, and information-based management systems. The program culminates in a senior capstone project that integrates course work with a practical project assignment in the student's project teams. 

The department faculty continually strives to achieve the highest quality in the design and delivery of our programs. The department enjoys strong ties with local industry, government agencies, alumni and the community. Our faculty conduct applied research in advanced manufacturing, renewable energy, vehicle dynamics, Enterprise Resource Planning Systems, Manufacturing Execution Systems, Supply Chain Management Systems, Six Sigma, lean enterprises, quality control, motorsports management and technology, and many other interdisciplinary areas.  Our faculty members are engaged in numerous regional and national professional organizations where they provide leadership in creating the future of applied engineering technology.

Donald Ray West, Ph.D., MBA, MIE, PE
Interim Program Manager
Office Location: Price Hall, Suite 100
Office phone: (336) 334-7585
Email: drwest@ncat.edu