Computer Systems Technology

Research Faculty

Clay Gloster, Interim Chair
Research Interests: Reconfigurable/adaptive computing, VLSI Design for Testability
Office: (336)334-7717 / Email:

Dewayne Brown, Professor
Research Interests: Wireless Communication, Navigation, and Mathematics for Electronics, Assured Communications for Law Enforcement
Office: (336)285-3140 / Email:

Gina Bullock, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Research Interests:  Programming, Data Structures, Algorithms, Software Design, Methods of
Instruction, Information Security and Privacy, Geographic Information (GIS) Systems
Office: (336)285-3103 / Email:

Cameron Seay, Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Cloud Computing, Server Virtualization, Mainframe Computers
Office: (336)285-3144 / Email:

Evelyn Sowells, Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Self-Timed Design, Electrical and Computer Engineering,
Software Engineering
Office: (336)285-3145 / Email:

Li-Shiang Tsay, Associate Professor
Research Interests: Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, Multimedia Databases, Intelligent
Web Search, Agent-Based Modeling, and Complex Adaptive Systems
Office: (336)285-3146 / Email:

Qing-An Zeng, Associate Professor and MSIT Program Coordinator
Wireless and Mobile Networks, Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks, Mesh Network, Heterogeneous
Networks, Handoff, Resource Management, Mobility Management, Wireless Internet, Security,
Vehicle Communications, Modeling and Performance Analysis, and Queuing Theory
Office: (336)285-3148 / Email: