Built Environment

Research Faculty

Robert Pyle, Ph.D., Department Chair
Research Interests: Energy Efficiency and Management, Safety at Heights, Indoor Air Quality, Residential Construction Processes, Manufactured Housing Techniques
Office: 336-285-3121   Email: pyler@ncat.edu

Leila Hashemi Beni, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Research Interests: 
Office: 336-285-3133  Email: lhashemibeni@ncat.edu

Christian Bock-Hyeng, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Research Interests: Strength of Material, Thin Shells Construction, Bridge Construction, Transportation
Office: 336-285-3124  Email: cbhyeng@ncat.edu

Peggy Fersner, Ph.D., Adjunct Associate Professor
Research Interests: Geospatial Integration into K-12 Curriculums, Height Modernization Efforts, and Enhancement of Distance Learning Courses
Office: 336-285-3126  Email: fersner@ncat.edu

Tony Graham, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Research Interests: Geographical Information System, Building Information Modeling (BIM), Augmented Reality and
Office: 336-285-3100  Email: tgraham@ncat.edu

Jerry Nave, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Legal Issues Related to Land Boundary; GIS and Conventional Legal Issues Related to Land Boundary; GIS and Conventional Techniques for Location of Paleontological and Archeological sites; Development of Educational Modules for Height Modernization Projects
Office: 336-285-3127 Email: jwnave@ncat.edu

Andrea Ofori-Boadu, Ph.D., Associate ProfessorResearch Interests: Engineering of Sustainable Supplementary Cement Materials, Management of certified sustainable building projects, Cost Engineering, Informal STEM education for middle school children
Office: 336-285-3128 Email: andreao@ncat.edu

Musibau Shofoluwe, Ph.D., Professor
Research Interests: Sustainable Construction Practices, Construction Safety, Construction Risk Management, Construction
Productivity Improvement
Office: 336-285-3130 Email: musibaus@ncat.edu