College of Science and Technology

B.S. in Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology

The Department of Physics at North Carolina A&T offers a B.S. degree in Atmospheric Science and Meteorology (ASME) that prepares students for further graduate studies or careers involving National Weather Service, academia, government agencies (e.g., NASA, DoD, EPA), and the weather service industry.

The training involves an interdisciplinary approach through coursework and internships in the use of data from surface air stations, satellites, radar in models to predict weather, flooding, droughts and air pollution and understand and mitigate climate change.

ASME students can conduct research with faculty specializing in arctic meteorology, atmospheric chemistry, aviation meteorology, mesoscale and synoptic meteorology, numerical weather prediction, remote sensing, analysis and numerical modeling approaches. 

For further information, contact Prof. Richard Hammond at or Prof. Yuh-Lang Lin at