Dr. Jing Zhang

Dr. Jing Zhang

Associate Professor of Atmospheric Sciences

Department of Physics, Department of Energy & Environmental Systems

Phone:  (336) 285 2337

e-mail:  jzhang1@ncat.edu


1996 Ph.D. in Atmospheric Sciences, Peking University, Beijing, China

Dissertation: “Land Surface Processes and Regional Climate Modeling”

1993 M.S. in Atmospheric Sciences, Nanjing University, Nanjing, China 

Dissertation: “Diagnostic and Modeling Study of Extreme Precipitation Event in Jianghuai China” 

1989 B.S. in Atmospheric Sciences, Nanjing University, Nanjing, China

Project: “Mountain Precipitation Study with Station Observations”


• Undergraduate:  Earth System Science, Fundamental Meteorology and Climatology, Meteorological Analysis Lab, Weather System, Weather Analysis & Forecasting (I & II)

• Graduate:   Advanced Survey of Atmospheric Science,  Advanced Weather Analysis,  Advanced Mesoscale Meteorology, Polar Meteorology



Wei Tao (Summer 2016, Ph.D.), Rashad Johnson (Spring 2016, M.S.), Gian Otero (Fall 2013, M.S.), Fuhong Liu (Fall 2013, Ph.D.), Steve Stegall (Fall 2013, Ph.D.)


• 2016-2019: Collaborative Research - Present and Projected Future Forcings on Antarctic Peninsula Glaciers and Ice Shelves using the Weather Forecasting and Research (WRF) Model, funded by NSF.

• 2013-2017: Collaborative Research - What Role Do Glaciers Play in Terrestrial Sub-Arctic Hydrology? funded by NSF.

• 2010-2017: Collaborative Research - Impact of Storm Activity on Recent Changes in Arctic Sea Ice Mass Balance, funded by NSF.

• 2013-2015: Alaska Climate Downscaling, funded by UAF/USGS

• 2010-2013: Collaborative Research - Present and Future Contribution of Glacial Runoff to Freshwater Discharge, funded by NSF.

• 2009-2013: Chukchi/Beaufort Seas Mesoscale Meteorology Modeling Study, Phase II, funded by DoI/MMS.

• 2006-2008: Beaufort Sea Mesoscale Meteorology Modeling Study, Phase I, funded by DoI/MMS.


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