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Mathematics Undergraduate Degree Programs at
North Carolina A&T State University
The Department of Mathematics North Carolina A&T State University offers degree programs in Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Statistics and Mathematics Education at the B.S. level, Applied Mathematics at the M.S. level, as well as Master of Arts in Teaching Mathematics, while providing the foundation in mathematics that is crucial to the education of North Carolina A&T students. The department strives to maintain an environment that enhances the learning of mathematics and contributes to the vitality of mathematics as a living discipline through course offerings, seminars and colloquia, research, and public service. The mathematics faculty is committed to maintaining high-quality instruction as well as student development and mentoring. Our faculty members also conduct ongoing research on the best mathematical and statistical approaches to problems in a variety of areas. Graduate students contribute to faculty’s research projects, while taking advanced course work in applied mathematics, mathematical modeling, and statistics.

Undergraduate Program

Graduate Program