College of Science and Technology

Department of Graphic Design Technology

The Department of Graphic Design Technology provides quality competency-based instruction that prepares graduates to enter the fields of graphic communication systems, technology education and trade and industrial education.

It offers four focuses across two degree programs. The Bachelor of Science degree in Graphic Communication Systems focuses on graphic design, media design and development of games and animation and websites, and design drafting for mechanical and architectural systems and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). It also offers a Master of Art in Teaching degree for the professions of Technology Education (including pre-engineering) and Trade & Industrial Education. The department has three design labs, a print lab and an education and packaging lab.

Graduates from the Graphic Design Technology department typically get jobs with a wide variety of companies, organizations and government agencies that have in-house graphic design functions, but graduates also focus on their own freelance design work and entrepreneurship. The graphic design field was projected to grow by 13 percent during the period leading up to 2018. That is significant growth compared to other fields. Design and drafting for commercial construction was also projected to grow during that same period.

Contact Information 

Department: Graphic Design Technology
Dr. Vincent Childress
Phone: 336-334-7550 x53149