Faculty Research areas

1) Atmospheric Science

  • Tropical waves and convection, Climate variability and change (Mekonnen)
  • Atmospheric Dynamics and Modeling, tropical cyclone genesis and movement, mesoscale cyclogenesis, storm dynamics, forest fire dynamics, wake vortex dynamics, dynamics of Martian atmosphere (Lin)
  • Regional Weather and Climate Modeling, Data Assimilation, Land/Snow/Sea-Ice Surface Processes, Extreme Events (Zhang)
  • Computational and Theoretical Fluid Mechanics, Global Atmospheric Chemical Transport, Numerical Simulation of Reactive Flows, Combustion Theory, Advanced Computational Methods (Rastigeyev)
  • Characterizing organic and inorganic acids and aerosol in the atmosphere emitted by Biomass burning and their impact on climate; Spectroscopy of Transition State Dynamics; Laser Spectroscopy and Photodynamics;  Electronic Structure Calculations; Metal-ion chemistry within clusters; formation and chemistry of nanoparticles (Bililign)

2) Sustainable Bioproducts

  • Gasification of biomass (lignocelluloses).  The research team will investigate improved production of quality syngas through achieving a more thorough understanding of the gasification chemistry of various biomass feedstocks
  • Catalytic materials and processes for clean biofuels (alkanes and alcohols) and for hydrogen production with industrial applications
  • High-purity hydrogen: This is geared toward fuel processing and reforming technologies for hydrogen production and separation as H2-fuel with applications in proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) technology. High-purity H2 is the fuel of choice in PEMFCs

3) Energy & Environmental systems and Economics

Economic models of decision-making under uncertainty, greenhouse gas mitigation polices in agriculture; cropland use changes due to the changing economic conditions such as the expansion of ethanol production and the ensuing changes in agricultural non-point source pollution; identifying the optimal placement of soil and water conservation practices on agricultural landscapes and the economic means of achieving the optimal placement (Kurkalova)