Computer Systems Technology - Contact

Qing-An Zeng, Ph.D. (Interim Department Chair)

203 Price Hall
1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, North Carolina 27411
Phone Numbers:
336-334-7717 (Office)
336-334-7546 (Fax)


For contacting specific individuals within the department, please visit our list of faculty.

Campus Map:

Parking Deck (102 North Laurel Street, Greensboro, NC):

Visitors to campus can park here for a fee. The Parking Deck is building #43 on the campus map. The Google+ location is Note that Market Street is the major street on the southern border of campus. Drivers need to head north on Laurel Street from Market Street. (Do not drive south on Laurel Street from Lindsay Street, because Laurel Street is not continuous across campus.)

Map of Parking Deck