Transfer Procedures

Instructions to Request Transfer of Course Work from Another Institution

Students often take courses at other institutions, in the military, or corporate training. In cases where
the course content and delivery is substantially the same as a course at NCA&T, the student may
request to receive transfer credit at NCA&T for courses completed elsewhere.
Transfer courses transfer as a “TR” grade and do not affect the student's grade point average at
NCA&T. Since the transfer course fulfills a specific major course requirement, the student is not
required to take the equivalent course at NCA&T. The transfer course credit hours count toward degree
completion at NCA&T, just as though the student had completed the required course at NCA&T.
There is no charge or fee associated with the transfer of courses to NCA&T. However, students should
only request transfer for courses required in their major at NCA&T in order to avoid a tuition
surcharge resulting from accumulating a higher than expected number of credit hours before obtaining
a degree.

The Transfer Process
The Admissions Office normally completes a preliminary evaluation of course transfer eligibility
during the admissions process.
If the student completed course work at another University of North Carolina system university or
community college, transfer approval may be pre-approved. Please see the NCA&T Admissions web
page for a listing of these courses.
Course work completed at a non-UNC system institution, or outside the scope of common core courses,
will require evaluation by the appropriate NCA&T department's Transfer Coordinator. For example,
the mathematics department will evaluate the appropriateness of transfer credit for mathematics

CST Transfers
Students who have completed course work at other institutions are encouraged to request evaluation for CST courses. The process is simple and straightforward.
Step 1. Download, complete, and print a Transfer Request Cover Sheet for each different
institution the student attended.
Step 2. Download, complete, and print a Transfer Request Course form for each course for
which the student wishes to receive transfer credit.
Step 3. Deliver the printed, signed forms to the CST Transfer Coordinator.
Step 4. The CST Transfer Coordinator will evaluate each course request and make a
recommendation to the CST Department Chairperson using the Transfer Credit
Recommendation form.
Step 5. The CST Department Chairperson will evaluate the recommendation and forward the
recommendation to the Registrar's Office.

All forms must be type-written. Hand-written form data will be rejected without review.

Transfer Credit Request Form