The Chemistry Department

The Department of Chemistry has currently twelve members and three full time lecturers teaching and researching in all areas of chemistry. Our pro­gram covers a di­verse spec­trum of research including analytical, biological, inorganic, organic, physical, theoretical, materials, and nanoscience. The chemistry program is assisted by capable  handling various day to day duties efficiently.  The Department of Chemistry has over 70 undergraduates and 14 graduate students in the Fall of 2016. 

Chemistry Faculty

Dr. Zerihun Assefa, Professor and Chair, Inorganic Chemistry
336-285-2255, Office: NSB 348

Dr. Mufeed Basti, Professor, Physical Chemistry
336-285-2229, Office: NSB 337 

Dr. Ming Dong, Assistant Professor, Biochemistry
336-285-2234, Office: NSB 333

Dr. Bishnu Bastakoti, Assistant Professor, Inorganic Chemistry
336-285-2233, Office: NSB 329

Dr. Jahangir Emrani, Assistant Professor, Organic Chemistry
336-285-2247, Office: 336 

Dr. Peng He, Assistant Professor, Analytical Chemistry
336-285-2245 Office:332

Dr. Marion Franks, Associate Professor, Organic Chemistry
336-285-2230, Office: NSB 340 

Dr. Etta Gravely, Associate Professor, Education
336-285-2231, Office: NSB 334

Dr. Julius Harp, Associate Professor, Organic Chemistry
336-285-2232, Office: NSB 339

Dr. Margaret I. Kanipes, Professor of Chemistry
336-285-2030; Fax: 336-256-2468, Office: ACB 110 

Dr. Debasish Kuila, Professor, Inorganic Chemistry
336-285-2243, Office:NSB 342

Dr. Tanya (Pinder) Malloy, Assistant Professor, Organic Chemistry
336-285- , Office: 330

Dr. Ginger Redd, Assistant Professor, Education and Organic Chemistry
336-285-2057, Office: 335

Dr. Divi Venkateswarlu, Associate Professor, Computational/Physical Chemistry
336-285-2236, Office:NSB 341

 Dr. Bo Wang, Assistant Professor, Analytical Chemistry
336-285-2256 Office: NSB 340