Built Environment Undergraduate Programs

The three degree programs prepare its graduates for careers in construction management, field engineering, project management, geomatics, surveying, environmental health and safety management to name a few. The program staff in CM/EHS/GEOM will assist you in finding a specific major based on your career interests and personal characteristics.

Links of Importance

Points of Pride

  • One of two historically black colleges and universities with an undergraduate Construction Management Program accredited by ACCE.
  • College of Science and Technology produces the highest number of African-American graduates in Construction Management in the country.
  • The Construction Management program is cited by national and state agencies as an outstanding leader in HUD economic development grants.
  • The First BS in Environmental Health and Safety Program in the nation offered totally online.
  • The only 4-Yr. Geomatics Program in the state of North Carolina
Target Audience and Career Opportunities
  • The program is designed to serve the diverse needs of people who are interested in pursuing careers in Construction Management, Geomatics, and Environmental Health and Safety in the military, government agencies, corporate enterprises, and academic society.
  • Individuals recently graduated from high schools and want to embark in careers in Construction Management, Geomatics, and Environmental Health and Safety positions.
  • Individuals recently graduated from community colleges and want to advance their degree level to prepare for a career in Construction Management, Geomatics, and Environmental Health and Safety.
  • Individuals currently employed in the technical and/or management positions that have professional growth aspirations.
Career Paths:
  • Construction Manager
  • Construction Engineer
  • Geomatics and Surveying Professionals
  • Safety Engineer
  • Environmental Health Engineer
  • Field Engineer
Approx. Starting Salary Range: $45k - $65k

Contact Information:
Department: Built Environment - Construction Management, Geomatics and Environmental Health and Safety
Dr. Alesia Ferguson
e-mail: acferguson@ncat.edu
Phone: 336-334-7591