Environmental Health and Safety

Environmental Health and Safety Program:

The program in Environmental Health and Safety(EHS) is a cutting edge program concerned with the anticipation, recognition, evaluation and control of occupational safety and health hazards associated with mechanical systems, material handling, electrical systems, chemical processes, and illustrates controls through engineering revision, safeguarding and personal protective equipment.

Beyond the basic math and science courses, the core courses focus on safety, industrial hygiene, fire safety, manufacturing safety, and construction safety. Environmental Safety and Health graduates enter the industry as safety and health specialists, safety managers, industrial hygiene managers, corporate industrial hygienists, control specialists, compliance specialists, EPA specialists, consumer safety specialists, transportation safety specialists, or risk managers.

Companies that hire our graduates include: ConAgra, Department of Labor, Miller Brewing, Toyota, just to name a few.

Comprehensive Student Outcome Assessment ProcessTo ensure that the CM program continues to offer a quality education to its students to adequately prepare them for entry level positions in the construction industry, the department has developed and implemented a comprehensive student outcome assessment and planning process.