syrulwa somah

Syrulwa Somah, PhD
Associate Professor

Office Location: Smith Hall, Suite 3019
Office Phone: (336) 285-3102

Syrulwa Somah, PhD, is an Associate Professor of Environmental Health and Occupational Health. He teaches undergraduate and graduate courses.  He also holds an AA in liberal studies from LaGuardia Community College in Long Island, New York; a BS in Labor Studies/Occupational Safety & Health from the State University of New York; a MSA in healthcare administration from Central Michigan University and a MLS in history and religion from the University of Oklahoma. His PhD is in policy studies with concentration on environmental health and occupational health from the Union Institute & Universities in Cincinnati, Ohio. Dr. Somah is author of several interdisciplinary books, including The Historical Resettlement of Liberia and Its Environmental Impact; Christianity, Colonization, and State of African Spirituality, and Nyanyan Gohn-Manan: History, Migration & Government of the Bassa, a book about traditional Bassa leadership and cultural norms, one of the sixteen major ethnic groups of Liberia, Scrapping Coup for the New Independent Movement in Africa, and Duankadyu: Legend of the Bassa.

Research Interests:
Culture Driven Malaria Control (CDMC) or occupational health & safety, which use the language and culture of indigenous populations to endanger awareness.
Post- treated lead-based homes evolution.
Social Determinants of Occupational Health and Risk Communications.