Guide for Public Information 2013-2014

I. Institutional Information

II. Construction Managment - Program Academic Quality Improvement Plan (AQI)

The program of Construction Management follows the University's Academic Quality Plan. The 2012-2014 Academic Cycle is available for your perusal.
    * (2010-2011) Construction Management Student Outcome Assessment Report.
    * (2011-2012) Migrated From WEAVEOnline to Digital Measures Annual Report.
    * (2013-2014) Construction Management Student Outcome Assessment Report 

III. Student Achievement in Construction Management 2013-2014

A. Student employment.

B. Support Data
C. Students Awards
D. Student scholarships
E. Advisory Board for Construction Management (2012-2014)

David Hurley DH Griffin
Calvin Stevens Balfour Beatty Construction
Delois J. King Enlightened Professional Services
(Independent Contractor for Rentenbach)
Elijah Freeland Structure Building Company
Garland Burton KBR Construction
James Clayton Rodgers Builders
Ken Grube Samet Corporation
Kimberly Williams Heery International
Patrice Gilmore Lend Lease
Ron Guerra High Point University Facilities Dept.
Steve Keckeis Messer Construction Co.
Toby Thomas Rentenbach Constructors, Inc.
Walter B Davis Walter B Davis Company

IV. Constructioin Management Program Admission Requirements 2012- 2014

(Department of Built Environment, follows the admission guidelines for the University.)