Pre-Professional Scholars Program

The goal of the NC A&T State University Pre-Professional Scholars Program (PPSP) is to develop a comprehensive, institutionally supported program that supports educational and professional development of undergraduate and graduate students interested in Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine, and Law.

How can you participate in activities sponsored by the PPSP?

Any student at North Carolina A&T State University interested in learning how to become a competitive professional may participate in most activities. Note: some activities require membership in a professional development organization described above. For more information on our PPSP program, contact Dr. C. Dinitra White ( or visit our website at

List of Programs

The Minority Association of Pre-medical Students (MAPS) represents the undergraduate and post-baccalaureate students of the Student National Medical Association. The North Carolina A&T State University MAPS chapter was initiated in 2006 and welcomes undergraduate, post-baccalaureate, and Masters graduate students from all majors interested in various areas of health care including medicine, pharmacy, Physician Assistant, chiropractic medicine, and others. For more information, go to our MAPS chapter website.

The Undergraduate Student National Dental Association (USNDA) is a thriving component of the Student National Dental Association. The North Carolina A&T State University USNDA is comprised of undergraduate, post-baccalaureate and Masters graduate students dedicated to becoming dental professionals in various areas of dentistry. For more information, go to our USNDA chapter website.

The North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University and East Carolina University - Brody School of Medicine Early Assurance Scholar's Program (EASP) was developed to provide a unique opportunity for select students at North Carolina A&T State University pursuing a career in medicine. Outstanding students entering North Carolina A&T as freshmen may apply for the EASP during their senior year of high school. For more information, go to our Early Assurance Scholars Program (EASP) website.

The Accelerated Pathway to Law School (APLS) Program was designed to create an opportunity for N.C. A&T students to earn a law degree in five and a half years – spending three years at N.C. A&T and two and a half years at Elon Law School. With the APLS program, 6 to 9 seats will be reserved for exceptional N.C. A&T students who will be designated Early Assurance Pre-Law (EAPL) Scholars. All EAPL Scholars will matriculate through the N.C. A&T Liberal Studies Department following the Accelerated Pathway to Law School Track. For more information, go to our Accelerated Pathway to Law School (APLS) website and if you are interested, you are encouraged to apply online.