College of Science and Technology

Bachelor of Science in Automotive Engineering Technology

You will find the faculty, facilities and financial support here to help you achieve your goals. Motorsports Technology graduates possess a strong understanding of motorsport history, facilities, performance modeling, and mechanical fundamentals and much more. The program’s objective is to teach students the basic knowledge and skills necessary to perform pit crew activities in a real world application. Students are taught rules and regulations, motorsports demographics, and the interdisciplinary involvement of technology, engineering, management, marketing, communications, and graphic design in motorsports.


General Operations Manager
Engine Technician
Structural Mechanics Intern
Motorsports Fabricator/Mechanic
Engineer, Driving Simulator
Design & Development Engineer

Earning Potential

Location is a big factor affecting pay rates for motorsports graduates, followed by career duration and specialization.

Salary Range: $39,000 to $109,000

Aixi Zhoum, Ph.D., Chair
Price Hall 100