Applied Science & Technology PhD Program

Applied Science & Technology (AST) PhD Program Graduates will possess the technical and leadership skills high in demand in the competitive global job market

We are focused on providing students interested in a challenging, interdisciplinary STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) graduate education with an intellectually-stimulating, culturally-diverse, rewarding, and societally relevant career development experience.

AST offers a PhD degree in the following concentrations:


BIOL      615        Principles of Virology 
BIOL      630        Molecular Genetics 
BIOL      640        Introduction Bioinformatics and Genomic Research 
BIOL      651        Principles and Practice of Immunology 
BIOL      700        Environmental Biology 
BIOL      703        Experimental Methods  Biology 
BIOL      704        Cell and Molecular Biology 
BIOL      720        Environmental Influences 
BIOL      749        Recent Advances in Cell Biology 
BIOL      755        Systems Biology 
BIOL      762        Molecular Pathogenesis of Cancer 
AST       843        Biomass Biological Conversion Processes 
AST       885        Special Topics 
ANSC     771        Bioinformatics Genome Analysis 
ANSC     782        Cellular Pathobiology 
BMEN     713        Biotechnology Entrepreneurship 
Applied Chemistry 
CHEM    611        Advanced Inorganic Chemistry 
CHEM    621        Intermediate Organic Chemistry 
CHEM    624        Qualitative Organic Chemistry 
CHEM    631        Electroanalytical Chemistry 
CHEM    641        Instrumentation of the Modern Sciences 
CHEM    642        Techniques in X-ray Crystallography 
CHEM    643        Introduction to Quantum Mechanics 
CHEM    651        General Biochemistry 
CHEM    652        General Chemistry Lab 
CHEM    673        Introduction to Computational Chemistry 
CHEM    674        Computational Methods/Protein Modeling Drug Design 
CHEM    711        Structural Inorganic Chemistry 
CHEM    716        Selected Topics in Inorganic Chemistry 
CHEM    722        Advanced Organic Chemistry 
CHEM    732        Advanced Analytical Chemistry 
CHEM    743        Chemical Thermodynamics 
AST       812        Environmental Chemistry 
AST       885        Special Topics 
BMEN    711        Biomaterials and Biocompatibility 
ECEN     701        Electronic Ceramics 
NANO    701        Simulation Modeling Methods for Nanoscience and Nanoengineering 
NANO    702        Fundamentals of Nanoengineering Physical Principles 
NANO    703        Fundamentals of Nanoengineering Chemical and  Biochemical Principles 
NANO    704        Fundamentals of Nanomaterials 
NANO    705        Nano Safety 
NANO    711        Introduction to Nanoprocessing 
NANO    721        Nanobioelectronics 
NANO    731        Introduction to Nanomodeling and Applications 
NANO    811        Polymeric Materials Engineer 
NANO    812        Process Modeling in Composites 
NANO    821        Advanced Nanosystems 
NANO    851        Computational Nano Modeling Lab 
NANO    852        Nanoelectronics Laboratory 
NANO    853        Nano-Bio Electronics Lab 
NANO    854        Nanomaterials Laboratory 
Applied Physics 
PHYS      600        Classical Mechanics 
PHYS      605        Mathematical Methods 
PHYS      615        Electromagnetic Theory I 
PHYS      620        Quantum Mechanics I 
PHYS      630        Statistical Mechanics 
PHYS      715        Electromagnetic Theory II 
PHYS      720        Quantum Mechanics II 
PHYS      730        Optical Properties of Matter 
PHYS      737        Physics of Solids 
PHYS      738        Nuclear Physics 
PHYS      745        Computational Physics 
PHYS      746        Methods in Radiation Detection and Measurement 
AST        885        Special Topics 
Data Science & Analytics 
MATH    623        Probability Theory and Applications 
MATH    624        Theory and Methods of Statistics 
MATH    612        Advanced Linear Algebra 
MATH    665        Principles of Optimizations 
MATH    675        Graph Theory 
MATH    690        Scientific Programming for Mathematical Scientists 
MATH    706        Categorical Data Analysis 
MATH    708        Nonparametric Statistics 
MATH    721        Multivariate Statistical Analysis 
MATH    712        Numerical Linear Algebra 
MATH    723        Advanced Topics in Stochastic Modeling 
MATH    733        Advanced Probability and Stochastic Processes 
MATH    782        Statistical Data Analytics and Visualization 
ECT       759        Big Data Analytics 
AST       885        Special Topics 
COMP    751        Data Analytics Tools and Techniques 
COMP    765        Data Mining 
Information Technology & Technology Management 
AET        780        Reliability Testing and Analysis 
MSTM     702        Enterprise Resource Plan Systems 
CM         781        Risk Management in Construction 
CST        731        Knowledge Discovery Systems 
CST        745        Network Service for the Enterprise 
CST        755        Enterprise Management Systems 
ECT        759        Enterprise Management Systems 
CM         708        Construction Cost Estimation and Project Construction 
ECT        759        Big Data Analytics 
ITT         700        Project Management for IT Professionals 
ITT         725        Wide Area Networks 
ITT         729        Data Warehousing 
ITT         750        Computer System Security 
TECH      708        Impacts of Technology 
AET        745        Managing New Product Development 
AST        813        Sustainable Energy Systems 
AST        821        Environmental Energy Economics I 
AST        885        Special Topics 
COMP     710        Specifications and Design 
COMP     727        Secure Software Engineering 
COMP     823        Secure Social Computing 
CSE       703         Data Structures and Software Principles & Programming 
CSE       806         Computational System Theory 
ECEN     749         Digital Communications 
ECEN     848         Information Theory 
ECEN     885         Advanced Robotic Systems 
INEN      745        Advanced Computer Integrated Production 
INEN      831        Service Sector Engineering 
INEN      833        Supply Chain System Engineering 
ISEN      852        Integrated Product & Process Design 
ISEN      853        Enterprise Integration 
INEN      861        Nano Micro and Bio Manufacturing 
Atmospheric, Environmental & Energy Science
AST        812        Environmental Chemistry
AST        813        Sustainable Energy Systems 
AST        814        Life Cycle Analysis 
AST        821        Environmental Energy Economics I 
AST        841        Biomaterials Characterization 
AST        842        Biomass Thermal Conversion Processes 
AST        843        Biomass Biological Conversion Processes 
AST        844        Environmental and Policy Studies of Biomass Use 
AST        850        Physical Meteorology 
AST        851        Dynamic Meteorology 
AST        852        Climatology 
AST        854        Advanced Synoptic Weather Analysis 
AST        855        Principles of Air Quality 
AST        856        Atmospheric Aerosols 
AST        857        Advanced Remote Sensing 
AST        858        Tropical Meteorology 
AST        859        Advanced Mesoscale Analysis 
AST        885        Special Topics 
NANO     761        Introduction to Nano Energy 
NANO     861        Advanced Nano Energy Systems  

A B.S. to Ph.D. option is available that provides well-prepared students with the opportunity to get a doctoral degree in a shorter period of time.

Applied Science and Technology PhD Program 
College of Science and Technology 
Gibbs Hall, Room 302
(336) 285-2335

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