Applied Engineering Technology

The Applied Engineering Technology program prepares students to work productively in a broad range of engineering and technical issues in industrial design, manufacturing, operation, and service. The program provides alternative engineering education opportunities to student whose interests and aptitudes align with applications of engineering and technology.

Its curriculum focus on applied science and engineering as well as hands-on learning activities or projects. The level of Mathematics in the program is not as in-depth as traditional engineering programs. It emphasizes on Statistics and its industrial applications. Chemistry and Physics are offered as algebra-based science courses. Most major courses are also algebra-based.  The program is designed to serve the diverse needs of people who are interested in pursuing careers in engineering and technology enterprises, academic society, and government agencies:

  • Individuals recently graduated from high schools and want to embark on a career in engineering and technology positions.
  • Individuals recently graduated from community colleges and want to advance their degree level to prepare for a career in engineering and technology positions.
  • Individuals currently employed in the technical and/or management positions that have professional growth aspirations.