Tutoring on how to use the camera

Student Tutoring and Other Support Services

We are committed to providing services that you need to succeed while at North Carolina A&T State University. The following are highly recommended services on campus:

The Center for Academic Excellence offers:

  • Tutorial Services

  • Supplemental Instruction

  • Academic Support

  • Skill Building Labs to aid you in math and science courses

Other Services Available:

  • University Writing Center and Composition Central offer writing assistance and tutoring.

  • The Math Learning Resource Center provides tutoring for those who need help in math. We encourage all of our students to attend weekly math tutorials as you attend your classes.

  • The library is a great place to study and gather peer-reviewed literature. The library stays open late and would be ideal for gathering a group of classmates for late night studying. Review what Bluford Library has to offer to our School of Technology students.

  • The Residence Halls have scheduled programs as well as on-going study halls for students to obtain the help needed to be successful.