College of Science and Technology Alumni & Friends

The College of Science & Technology Alumni are represented all over the country and we are very proud of what you have accomplished.  Please come back and visit us and experience what the new excitement is all about! 

On behalf of our current students in the College of Science and Technology, we thank those who have been able to support us through your generous giving.  As we begin our Preeminence 2020 strategic plan, we hope more of you will consider being a partner.  Thank you for all you do for the College of Science and Technology. 

How to Stay Connected

We welcome you back not only for special events of the University, but also to come and share with our students.  Our students will benefit from witnessing the successful career pursuit of a North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, Technology major. 

How to Give Back

The College of Science and Technology is looking forward to reaching preeminence in 2020 as outlined in the University's strategic plan.  We have started an Alumni campaign that asks for $250.00 per year.  We thank you in advance for your generosity.