March 11 Memo on Fall 2021 Plans


March 11, 2021

Dear Students, Faculty & Staff,

While the threat of COVID-19 still remains, progress in vaccine dissemination continues to grow and the pandemic itself continues to shrink with regard to new infections, hospitalizations, serious illness and deaths. At present and barring any further disruptions to community health and safety, the university’s academic operations will return to normal this Fall, similar to Fall 2019.

Students and faculty will return to regular classroom operations, with face-to-face instruction and meeting schedules, though online instruction will continue to be widely available. Students will be able to return to campus, use dining, recreation and other facilities and live in residence halls at full capacity. Should new restrictions be required or further changes occur that preclude normal operations, the university will revert to a plan similar to Fall 2020, with hybrid operations, reduced capacity in buildings, etc., remaining the norm.

The Fall 2021 Academic Calendar will be posted on the Registrar’s website in the near future. Please continue to observe and practice the 3Ws – Wear, Wait and Wash – to ensure that our plans to return to normal operations are sustainable.

Dr. Beryl C. McEwen
Provost, Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs