Protocols for Managers and Employees

Campus Operations, In-Person Work

The North Carolina A&T work force will be returning to in-person in phases during Summer 2021 as determined by university leadership in conjunction with the Division of Human Resources.

Phase I: Current - Essential Operations

  • Facilities
  • Auxiliary Enterprises
  • Police/Security
  • Student Health Center
  • University Farm
  • Athletics
  • Information Technology Services

Phase II: July 12 - Core Operations

  • Business & Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Enrollment Management
  • Cooperative Extension
  • Athletics
  • Research and Economic Development
  • Legal, Risk Mgt & Compliance
  • Administrative Specialists/Support
  • Program Specialists/Support
  • Lab Coordinators/Specialists
  • Business Services Coordinators
  • Asst./Assoc. Deans/Directors
  • Senior Administrators

Phase III: July 26 – Student/Academic Services

  • Student Affairs
  • Academic Affairs (administrative)
  • Advancement
  • University Relations
  • Library
  • Distance Education
  • Academic Advisors
  • Area Coordinator/Hall Director
  • Instructional Design

Phase IV: August 13

  • Faculty
  • Remaining Staff


Daily Self-Monitoring Requirement

All employees are expected to closely monitor their own health, including any potential symptoms of coronavirus infection, and complete a daily online attestation on their potential exposure or infection with COVID-19, just as they did throughout the 2020-21 academic year.

Masks and Face Coverings

All employees, students, and visitors on the North Carolina A&T campus this fall will be required to wear masks or face coverings in classroom spaces, alternative testing areas, laboratories, health care setting (Student Health Center/Counseling Services), and public transportation (e.g., Aggie Shuttle).

Human subjects' protocols allowing participants to come to campus should follow appropriate mitigation practices (masks, handwashing). In combination with social distancing and daily, consistent attention to cleanliness and sanitization, masks continue to be especially helpful in stopping COVID-19 in its tracks. 

Masks are not required outdoors, including at outdoor sporting events, but are still recommended. Maximum capacity of outdoor meeting and gathering spaces is allowed.

Protecting ourselves and each other is a shared responsibility. We're counting on you to take your part seriously.

Personal Hygiene Practices

All employees are urged to consistently follow strong personal hygiene practices:
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol if soap and water are not available.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
  • Stay home when you are sick; do not travel.
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash.
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces such as countertops, phones, keyboards, laptops, doorknobs, and bathroom fixtures.
  • Facilities will provide materials to clean laboratories. Lab managers, researchers and/or their designees, will be responsible for cleaning their individual laboratories that utilize biological/biohazardous materials.

  • Immunize yourself against the flu if you have not already.

Meetings and Classroom Instruction

Whenever possible, managers and employees are strongly encouraged to continue to hold group meetings virtually. Employees taking part in one-on-one or group meetings face-to-face are strongly encouraged to wear masks/facial coverings, and in-person meetings are still considered optional.

While capacity limits are no longer in effect for indoor or outdoor meetings and large group gatherings, employees are strongly encouraged to continue to observe the 3 Ws (wash your hands regularly, wait in line socially distanced and wear a mask in areas where you are not sure others are vaccinated). Indoor meetings also should not exceed 70 percent of the room's capacity.

Masks are required in classrooms, alternative testing locations and laboratory settings. Faculty and students are encouraged to wipe their workstations and classroom spaces to help ensure safety. Face-to-face classes must be taught in their assigned classrooms, and should not go to remote mode until 11/29/21. Faculty tutoring, recitations and office hours will be held virtually. 

Students with extenuating circumstances may be allowed to attend an on-campus course remotely, with approval of the instructor, the department chair and the dean. The vice provost of Undergraduate Education or the dean of the Graduate College must be informed.

For further guidance on meeting and gathering restrictions eased in late spring by Gov. Roy Cooper's Executive Order 215, including an FAQ on the order, visit the State of North Carolina website.

Flexible Work Arrangements

The overriding expectation is that all employees will return to in-person, on-campus work, in accordance with the phased schedule shown above. Our commitment to providing in-person instruction and service to our students and other key constituents is paramount.

Flexible work arrangements are allowed with supervisor approval, e.g., remote work, alternate work schedules, and compressed work weeks. Managers should be mindful of operational needs, student engagement, equity, health and safety issues, compliance and wellness. Managers should be mindful of training and resources available to them through the Division of Human Resources. Wherever possible, employees will be required to work on campus or at their usual workplace in person.

Employees who have legitimate needs to work remotely or on a staggered schedule are encouraged to address those in dialogue with their supervisors, just as they would have prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Supervisors are tasked with balancing operational needs, office service and safety and employees’ individual needs and will have the knowledge necessary to make appropriate decisions on employee requests. Employees seeking accommodations should complete the request form available via Human Resources for their supervisor's review and consideration.

2.Please submit request form to supervisor for review and approval.

Return To Campus FAQs


Return to Campus Resources (Managers)

As we move toward returning to campus the Department of Human Resources and the Center for Leadership and Organizational Excellence (CLOE) will be offering the following events, programs and resources to help you plan for the transition and engage your teams. 

Department of Human Resources Virtual Office Hours

The department will host virtual office hours Tuesday and Thursday morning from 9:00am – 9:45am and afternoons 3:00pm – 3:45pm starting June 22.  Representatives from Benefits, Employee Relations, and CLOE will be present to share information and answer questions.  You may attend an office hours sessions by using one of the following zoom links

June-22 – July 6 (Every Tuesday - 9:00AM- 9:45 AM)

June-22 – July 6 (Every Tuesday - 3:00PM- 3:45 PM)

June-24 – July 8 (Every Thursday - 9:00AM- 9:45 AM)

June-24 – July 8 (Every Thursday - 3:00PM- 3:45 PM)

Center For Leadership and Organizational Excellence Professional Development Workshops

CLOE will offer three new leadership development programs starting June 22.  The first is Returning To Campus: Dealing Successfully with Anxiety, Fears and Resistance.  This two hour workshop is designed to help leaders address with their own concerns as well as those of their team members during this unique transition.  Participants will explore why returning to campus is important for the university, employees and students.  They will also discuss potential challenges they may encounter in the coming weeks and strategies to address them. 

The second program is Best Practices in Leading Distributed Teams.  During this three hour workshop leaders will examine the challenges and best practices of managing a team that has members working from different locations and potentially with different work arrangements.  Participants will explore the importance of clear and consistent rituals, processes, and communication. They will also discuss different leadership styles and learn how to modify their approach to address the needs of each team member. 

The third program is Enabling Change For Teams and Individuals.  Leaders in this program will investigate the science of change as well as the barriers that make it difficult.  They will learn how to overcome the most common obstacles encountered during times of change, including their own change leadership style. 

You can sign up for one of these courses at 


CLOE has also curated a set of self-directed online learning modules for leaders that want additional development or cannot attend other scheduled events.  These development resources can be taken individually or in sequence.  They include:

  • Leveraging Virtual and Hybrid Teams for Improved Effectiveness
  • Level Up Your Remote Team Experience
  • Leading Productive One-on-One Meetings
  • Leading Virtual Meetings

To utilize these resources:

Step 1: Log in at
Step 2: Click on the Shortcut for Online Training with LinkedIn Learning located at bottom left of your screen
Step 3: Log in using your OneID
Step 4: Enter the name of the program you want to take in the search box


Return to Campus Resources (Employees)

In preparation for returning to campus the Center for Leadership and Organizational Excellence (CLOE) has identified to self-directed online learning programs to assist with the transition.  The two programs are:

  • How to Manage Your Manager
  • Managing Up Virtually as an Employee

You may also search through the online program catalogue to find additional resources that may be helpful in your specific context.  All linkedin learning programs are free to A&T staff and available just in time when you need them.

To access these resources:

Step 1: Log in at
Step 2: Click on the Shortcut for Online Training with LinkedIn Learning located at bottom left of your screen
Step 3: Log in using your OneID
Step 4: Enter the name of the program you want to take in the search box