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Career Services

North Carolina A&T is proud of the fact that our list of corporate recruiters rival that of many universities and colleges in the nation.  Since the college is the largest producer of African-American engineers at the B.S. level, a national leader in the production of women engineers, and a national leader of African-American engineers at the M.S. and Ph.D. levels, hundreds of employers recruit our students both through career fairs on campus and other recruitment.

The Engineering Student Development Center in Cherry Hall partners with the Office of Career Services for many programs, events and workshops.

Sign Up Early

The Office of Career Services offers many outstanding services to our students.  Students are encouraged to sign up early on for participation in activities offered through the Office of Career Services (OCS). 

Available 24/7

Using OCS to start a career as soon as possible gives students a competitive edge.  The OCS Team is available 24/7 either through personal interaction or via the Internet. 

See the Office of Career Services (OCS) website for information about the many ways OCS can help students succeed in their careers.

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